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Refer to IFSC Rules, pay attention to the following points:

team quotas & rules 

The EYC is organized by the IFSC Europe in accordance with the IFSC general and boulder regulations and the European Youth Cup Bouldering rules


IFSC  Europe:



Only competitors and team officials holding a valid IFSC international license are allowed to register for the competition.



Member federations may register, within statutory deadlines, all their team officials who shall be granted free entry into the competition venue.

These officials shall be registered via the IFSC website, must be in possession of a valid international licence and specifically nominated for one of the following roles:

a)  One (1) team manager;

b)  Three (3) team coaches;

c)  Three (3) qualified medical or para-medical personnel.



a) Each federation - 4 male and 4 female competitors in each category

    Host federation - 6 male and 6 female competitors in each category

b) Any current Youth World/European Champions (who shall be registered for the Discipline in which they are champion) and any current Youth Overall World/European Champions.



Juniors    2001 – 2002

Youth A   2003 - 2004

Youth B    2005 - 2006