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Refer to IFSC Rules, pay attention to the following points:

The EYC is organized by the IFSC Europe in accordance with the IFSC general and boulder regulations and the European Youth Cup Bouldering rules

IFSC:   http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/index.php/world-competition/event-regulation

IFSC  Europe:  www.ifsc-climbing.org/index.php/about-ifsc/european-council/competition



Only competitors and team officials holding a valid IFSC international license are allowed to register for the competition.



Member federations may register up to a maximum of seven (7) team officials.

These officials shall be registered via the IFSC website, must be in possession of a valid international licence and specifically nominated for one of the following roles:

a)  One (1) team manager;

b)  Two (3) team coaches;

c)  Two (3) qualified medical or para-medical personnel.



a) Each federation  - 4 male and 4 female competitors in each category

     Host federation  - 6 male and 6 female competitors in each category

b) Any current Youth/World Champion (who shall be registered for the discipline in which they are champion) and any current Youth Overall World/European Champion.



Juniors   2000 – 2001

Youth A  2002 - 2003

Youth B  2004 - 2005

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