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Apply on the IFSC Online Registration System: https://ifsc.egroupware.net/egw/login.php


Registration Deadline: Monday , 22th of April 2019.


Registration  fees: Euro 25€ for each competitor. Please pay the registration fee of 20€ at the registration desk on Friday 26th of April  2019. 5€ per competitor will be charge by IFSC Europe to the national federation.

The payment can be made in cash on the registration desk or by bank transfer to the account PT50 0010 0000 2249 4160 0019 3; SWIFT/BIC - BBPIPTPL. Copy of the bank transfer receipt must be sent to the email eyc-soure@fpme.org  and its presentation can be asked on registration desk.


For the registration on Friday, it is necessary for all team managers to show the passports or ID-cards of their competitors


Registration desk:


Soure City Hall    

Soure CH2

soure ch

GPS:  40°03'39.4"N 8°37'32.3"W



Please send a list of your Team Officials (manager, coaches and medical staff) and the mobile phone number of the team manager together with arrival information of the team to the email: albertocruz@escolasdesoure.pt.


Confirmation of attendance for delayed arrival:

In case a team is not able to make the registration in time due to flight delays or other unpredictable reasons, please contact:

ALBERTO cRUZ :+351 966 142 879

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